Current Vendor List

You found our Vendor Page! We love each and every one of them! For many of these vendors this is their livelihood! So we love to support and promote all!

A Special Thank you to all the 2020 Vendors for attending our market!
We hope to have you back for 2021!

Because we are an ALBERTA APPROVED Market, Our Vendors MUST MAKE IT-BAKE IT- GROW IT- ensuring that you are receiving top quality products, produce, meats, eggs, baking, fruits and more from regulated local vendors!

If you are looking for a specific vendor or product, please take a minute to scroll through our vendor list. If you are having any trouble finding what you are looking for please feel free to contact us.  Some of our vendors are seasonal so please keep that in mind.

As we are an Alberta Accredited Farmer’s Market, we follow the 80/20 rule as is required.

If you are interested in becoming a Vendor please go to the Application page and Fill out application.

2021 Vendors


Dawn Agri
Holden Colony Produce
Krazy Kanuck Beef Jerky
HJR Distributors (Fish)


Holden Colony Produce
Planet Mushrooms
Prairie Microgreens


8 Acres Coffee Roastery
Borealis Tea

Fort Distillery
MOBU Kombucha


Adventure Bee (Beeswax Wraps)
Brew Buddy Beer Bakery (Pet Items)
Helen Zon Knitting
Hemp Hollow
Jennifer Burke Masks -Covid Masks

Mary Kay-Sheila Rempel
M.A.Dly Artistic Game Boards/Toys
Manjunk Yoga Clothing

Nata’s Home Design (Metal Artworks)
Norwex -Marlene Spence
Shawna’s Fashion Fushion

Sunset Gourmet Spices
Woolly Bath (Bath Products)

SUMMER of 2020
SEASON CONCESSIONS & Businesses- done for season

Cob Queens
Emily’s Rocks (Painted Rocks)
Fab Florals
Freezing Hub
Guilt Free Food Truck
Half Pint Ice Cream Treats
Halo Churros Food Truck
Kona Shaved Ice Treats
Lemon Quenchers (Lemonade)
Original Canadian Kettle Corn-Returning 2021
Oh For Foods Sake Food Truck
Starvin’ Marvin’s Food Truck

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