Current Vendor List

Because we are an ALBERTA APPROVED Market, Our Vendors MUST MAKE IT-BAKE IT- GROW IT- ensuring that you are receiving top quality products, produce, meats, eggs, baking, fruits and more from regulated local vendors! If you are looking for a specific vendor or product, please take a minute to scroll through our vendor list. If you are having any trouble finding what you are looking for please feel free to contact us.  Some of our vendors are seasonal so please keep that in mind.

As we are an Alberta Accredited Farmer’s Market, we follow the 80/20 rule as is required.

If you are interested in becoming a Vendor please go to the Application page and Fill out application.


Dovgan’s Bread
Elisabeth Guenther Mennonite Baking
House of the Rising Bun
Lori’s Eats and Treats
La Petite Fourchette (Quebec Meat/Sugar Pies)


Kettle Corn (Mini Donuts/Kettle Corn)


Dawn Agri
Holden Colony Produce


Amazing Asian Dumplings
Karen’s Salsa
La Petite Fourchette (French Meat Pies)
Lonestar Angus – Baking & Meats
Lori’s Eats and Treats
Moon Druid (Meat Pies and Preserves)
My Inner Hippy Pickling
Soup Company -Biscuit/Cookie/Soup
Soup Time-Soup
Sunset Gourmet Spices
Susana Phillipine Spring Rolls
Suzy’s Famous Sauce
Two Baba’s & A Stove (Ukrainian Food)
Zippy’s Thai Food (Ruamjai Thai)

FRUITS (Seasonal)

Steve and Dan’s Fruit


Donna and TL’s Beaded Treasures

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