2024 Vendor Applications are open. The Concession Application for the outdoor season will be available soon. If you are a busker and want to apply, please email us at

We happily accept applications for general vendors, concession vendors, community organizations, buskers throughout the season.

General Vendors are vendors who sell products of any kind, excluding hot food.

Concession Vendors are vendors who sell food at the market.

Community Organizations are vendors who provide information but do not sell products.

Buskers are performers who provide entertainment at the market.

Application guidelines

Successful applications must include:

  1. All fields completed, SPFM Rules and Regulations read over and understand, all dates checked off, and the form signed with the business name
  2. Sign off on waiver
  3. Clear product photos
  4. Copies of product labels (applies to food/cosmetic/supplement/pet food vendors only)
  5. Current food certificates/permits (applies to food vendors only)**

To avoid approval delays, please ensure the information is filled out completely—including all dates. Approval time from the date of submission is approximately one week to 10 days. Fees are due immediately upon approval.

Additional guidelines for food vendors

All food vendors must complete a food handling certificate and it must be displayed in full view at all times at all markets. Please note that all employees handling food and samples must also complete the course. To complete your certification:

  1. Click here to print out instructions on accessing the AHS online booklet and test
  2. Click here to register for your course
  3. Follow the instructions provided

Food vendors selling packaged items must have all products labelled in compliance with CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) which is mandated by the Government of Canada food labelling regulations. Click here to view the industry labelling tool and click here for more information on labelling.

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